Ikea Malm Drawers With Pure And Simple Design

Ikea Malm Drawers Chest

Now IKEA has decided to issue an urgent alert, after three children have died when getting knocked down the known ikea malm drawersof the manufacturer. With its design of pure and simple lines, it is just as good in the bedroom as in any other space in the house. It has soft closing drawers and is available in several finishes. Do not forget to attach it to the wall.

The three incidents happened with the same type of ikea malm drawers, the known MALM. In 2018 two children died and recently a third, and in this situation IKEA has decided to give notice to parents of how dangerous it can be to put these furniture relatively high, with many drawers and weight in them, without fixing the wall.

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And is that children get to open the ikea malm drawers and do not have enough reason to think that the mere fact of opening them all can make the drawer overturn , or that if they have little weight, they get into one of the drawers can cause the same effect. IKEA decided to add more notices in the instructions of their furniture warning of the risk of falling and in the boxes introduced the necessary elements to be able to fix the furniture to the wall and eliminate the risk completely.

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