Incredible Ideas Lego Storage Drawers

Colorful Lego Storage Drawers

Plastic storage lego storage drawers can serve as large sand boxes for all lego lovers. Take a box cutter (a cutter), tape, and a piece of carpet or carpet and with little work you will have ready a beautiful and intimate place for cleaning your Lego. Also this transformation of plastic containers is ideal for jewelry lovers, as well as sellers and manufacturers. Necklaces and bracelets often get into a tangled mess when used on a day-to-day basis.

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It is almost impossible to untangle the set of chains when it comes time to travel from one place to another. This lego storage drawers transporter will help you keep your collection organized and without tangles. You have to drill some holes on the sides and insert metal hooks. Decorate the exterior of your lego carrier with colored tape, fabric or tissue paper.

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Lego storage drawers are also an incredibly easy way to use a plastic compartment to keep your ornaments in good condition and to not break, crack or scratch. It requires a plastic storage box with two perforated rods that pass through its longest side. From there, you will be ready to hang ornaments to keep them safe until next year’s festivities return. All the details in Craptastic .