Innovative 3 Drawer Storage Bin

3 Drawer Storage Bin Bedroom

The containers and 3 drawer storage bin are well known for their versatility and so practical and useful they are to store many things almost anywhere. But they can also be useful in many other ways at home. Get ready to see a series of creative ideas with storage boxes! Lots of innovative options for transforming plastic storage boxes and to help you organize your home, as well as save a little money from buying other things …

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Here you have eight fun ways to ” do it yourself “, to reuse and redefine the purpose of your plastic storage containers. Add a 3 drawer storage bin of luxury toys for your living room! The plastic containers are easily transportable, but as decoration for the house … they are not so ideal. Its appearance of transparent plastic and muted colors make them out of place in a well decorated home.

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But it does not take much to dress up a plastic 3 drawer storage bin to match the style of your home. All that is required is the choice of a burlap cloth and wrapping paper. With some decorative papers, napkins, glue, scissors and one hour of your time you can transform your plastic crates into something worthy of IKEA. You can search on our gallery below to find inspiration!