Installations Galvanized Ceiling

Custom Galvanized Ceiling

Galvanized ceiling panels are one of the easiest types of roofing materials to install. They are sold in prefabricated slabs, with the panels overlapping each other by a couple of inches above the whole of the ceiling. All you need is some basic joinery skills, tools and some time on your hands to install galvanized steel roofs. Doing it yourself saves money compared to hiring a roofer, and as long as you follow the correct installation methods, you will have a roof that lasts a lifetime.

Cover the entire galvanized ceiling surface with a layer of felt paper. Cut the paper from the roll with a knife and staple it down with the hammer staple gun. Begin with the lowest parts and patch them with the top layers of at least 3 inches. When done, wrap L-shaped metal flashing around the edges of the ceiling and screw it into place on top of the paper.

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Line L flashing along the lowest edge of the galvanized ceiling with the glue that followed with blinking from the manufacturer. Install your first row of galvanized ceiling panels on top of this glue, with the length of the panels that extend up the ceiling.  Work up until you reach the top of the ceiling, then repeat the process for the opposite side of the ceiling. Install the top flashing along the top edge of the ceiling, using the supplied adhesive from the manufacturer. Screw down after mounting it. Also install the top flashing along the outer edges of the roof to the capsule all of.

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