Installing Outdoor Rustic Light Fixtures

Iron Rustic Light Fixtures

When installing outdoor rustic light fixtures on porch ceilings, or above or next to the entrances, the basic concept of installation and wiring is the same as with an interior light the connection of the color-coded cables and connect the ground wire exposed. However, you must ensure that the device itself has a rating specifically for outdoor use. It is a good idea to wrap the connections in the electrical tape to provide protection against additional moisture.

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Turn off the power of the old lamp in the house circuit board. Do not limit yourself to switching the ignition switch to rustic light fixtures, as some cables may remain live even with the switch off. The entire circuit must be turned off. Remove the screws from the existing lamp and lower it enough to access the cables behind it. Disconnect the two wires, unwinding the electrical tape and twisting the wire nuts that joined them.

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Find the mounting bracket for the new rustic light fixtures. Hold the support to the electrical box. Align the screw holes. Insert the screws through the bracket and into the box to secure it there. There are exposed wires in the electrical box yet they should be accessible around the bracket. Wrap the end of the bare wire around the green ground screw on the mounting bracket.