Installing Wiring Ceiling Fan Option

Wiring Ceiling Fan Types

Wiring Ceiling Fan – Installing or replacing a ceiling fan is relatively an easy task for home improvement. Many owners are cautious in carrying out this work for themselves since the project involves electrical wiring connections. Although these cables can cause intimidation, identifying the functions of each cable is simple due to the color used in each electrical cable.

Ceiling fans have three or four electrical wiring ceiling fan that connects the fan to the electrical system of the home. Locate the building’s main fuse box and turn off the power in the room where the ceiling fan is located. Place the ladder under the ceiling fan and climb it to gain access to the fan. Then, separate the ceiling support by removing the screws that are in the ceiling. Locate the black wire, which is the main wire that supplies electricity to the fan. This cable starts at the main power box, goes through the wall switch, and then connects to the ceiling fan.

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Look for a cable, either blue or red. This cable supplies the electricity from the main fuse box to the fan light, if it has one. Locate a white wiring ceiling fan. It is the neutral cable and it works as the return path once the electricity leaves the fan. It is connected to the ground conductor of the main panel. Any excess electrical current, caused by short circuits or high and low power.

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