Keeping The Chandelier Bronze Table Lamps From Stains

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Bronze Table Lamps – A bronze chandelier creates opulence and drama in any room. The beauty of the metal disappears when the sections of the spider lost the shine. Tarnish occurs in the form of a chemical reaction when the unprotected brass finish is exposed to air. When you get tired of cleaning your brass candelabrum every week with a brass cleaner, choose a long-term solution and apply a coat of brass lacquer. Protect the finish of your bronze candelabrum and preserve the charm and beauty of its decoration.

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Disconnect the power supply to the lamp and undo the power supply cables in the ceiling connection. Remove all tones, bulbs, beads, and prisms from the luminaire. Look for an area with a light and ventilation source, as well as a utility table or bench. Use a clean, dry cloth and apply the brass cleaner to the bronze parts of the spider. Make one section of the spider at a time.

Devise a way to suspend the chandelier from the ceiling. Use a length of strong fishing line attached to a roof beam or hook and pass it through the chandelier’s hanger. Ensure a uniform surface finish and apply light lacquer, while moving the spray can from left to right. Apply a layer of brass to all exposed. Allow the bronze lacquer to dry before moving the chandelier. Remove the masking tape and cotton balls from the lamp and connect the appliance to your ceiling chain. Replace all shades, bulbs, beads, and prisms and reconnect and test the power supply.

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