Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas With Disney Pixar Cars Wall Mural

Available Disney Pixar Cars Wall Mural

Disney pixar cars wall mural– Racer cars have always made cool decor, but a theme that includes Lightning McQueen will overflow any ordinary car theme. Loved Star in Disney / Pixar’s “Cars” franchise, Lightning McQueen is a dynamic little red racing car with a lot of heart. Incorporate a bedroom to make your child’s heart race this speedy jerk.

For die-hard fans, a mural of a racetrack gives a striking setting. So, add disney pixar cars wall mural and other characters like Doc Hudson and Mater. So they look like they take turns around the room. Paint the rest of the walls sky blue, so the room has the feeling of being out of the galop course. Instead of a mural, take inspiration from Lightning McQueen’s paint job for the color palette.

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Red can be overwhelming if on all four walls. Consider painting a single red accent wall or painting on the wall up to the chair-rail height in red. And the upper parts of the wall and ceiling more subdued colors like blue or gray. A gold lightning-bolt wall border offers excitement. Which makes a “street” the wall border with a painted black stripe with a double-yellow line. Certainly, these will make a better disney pixar cars wall mural in your lovely bedroom.

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