Knock Down Ceiling Ideas

Brown Knock Down Ceiling

Knock down ceiling – It is often difficult to decorate rooms with high ceilings, as they may feel cold and disproportionate. It is easy for furniture and interior pieces to be lost inside the room and looks unsuitable for their scale. However, there are several things you can do to overcome these problems. No structural changes needed; you can change the appearance of the room size just through the decor you use in it. The key to decorating rooms with high ceilings is balance; everything must be displayed in proportion without the roof taking too much focus.

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Paint the knock down ceiling a rich, warm color to make the room seem smaller and cozy. Use brown, oranges or red to create a warm and homely atmosphere. Alternatively, you can maximize the impression of space by decorating the room with white for a modern interior. Wallpaper is an option if you do not want to use color. Horizontal stripes make the ceiling closer, while large patterns look more proportional to the height of the room than less.

Paint the ceiling with a cream, ivory or light brown color to make it look smaller. Dark colors can result in a striking effect, but they can make the room look claustrophobic if the walls are painted with color as well. Hang large artworks at eye level. Higher pieces will draw you attention to the knock down ceiling and can make the room feel too big. Choose large pieces that will not be swallowed by the room but instead get a breakthrough. Also choose artwork that matches your own personal taste; However, colorful artworks can increase the room’s heat.

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