Lantern Lights For Unique Home Style

Lantern Lights Flush Mount

Lantern lights are a wonderful way to add a lot of interest and rustic style/cabin for your room. Here is a brief history of rustic style enthusiasts and the many options available. Lights have come a long way in the last 30 years. From basic utility model that comes in three colors, a ceiling light is not a work of art in a dizzying array of styles, colors, and options.

To simplify the article, we will not discuss lantern lights is considered rude if they come in rust or dark bronze color. You could write a book on the ceiling light, but this article only dealing with a true light of rustic style. Rustic, cottage or cabin style light is a fairly new development in the history buff. The first light actually created by a light rural Monte Carlo in 1996 and looks like a hand-carved tree truck with chipped, thick blade.

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Lantern lights this all made of cast resin (plastic) which is then hand painted various colors look like wood. The blades vary from very luxurious to modest and come in various sizes from 66 “diameter 44”. Mostly for indoor use, though no one model for outdoor wet locations that are just out of the open model uses a special waterproof housing, acrylic knife and other features.

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