Let’s Examine Cleaning Copper Drawer Pulls

Cabinet Copper Drawer Pulls

Grease, dirt and other particles can be transferred to the kitchen cabinet copper drawer pulls in your home by simply clicking on the handle. Household cleaners can remove bacteria on copper handles, but cleaning products may also leave visible marks behind. The combination of two common elements of the house allows you to eliminate bacteria and dirt particles from the kitchen handles copper without damaging the handles or creating stripes.

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How to simple cleaning copper drawer pulls? First, pour a half cup of white distilled vinegar and a half cup of table salt into a bowl. Then, Mix the two liquids briefly with a spoon. Dip a lint-free cloth in the salt and vinegar table mix. The fabric should be wet, but not wet. Clean both sides of the copper kitchen handle with the damp cloth.

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Repeat steps 3 and 4 at least one more time to make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the copper cooking handles. Clean the copper kitchen handle one last time with a clean, dry lint-free cloth to remove the salt and vinegar mixture. Clean the inside and outside of the tube vigorously with sandpaper, which is a rough cloth made to clean the cabinet with copper drawer pulls.