Low Cost Ideas To Cabinet Drawer Slides

Cabinet Drawer Slides Idea

I do not know if it’s your case, but I’m obsessed with the order in the cupboards and cabinet drawer slides, especially in those in which we store objects and things of small size. Today I bring you low-cost ideas to organize and optimize the interior space of your home’s drawers and make it a pleasure to open them and see that order reigns in them. We start by recycling juice briks, milk … with them we will create a very decorative boxes and compartments to store objects inside your drawers.

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The process is very simple and to do it you only need empty bricks, wrapping paper and scissors. How ingenious is this trick to organize handkerchiefs. Some white pvc pipes, of those used in plumbing, cut at the height of the cabinet drawer slides, serve as containers for handkerchiefs, scarves…

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You can also buy cheap space organizers, such as the Ikea Skubb series that for only € 6.99 solves and compartmentalizes the interior space of your drawer. We finish with a simply great idea to organize the underwear or costume jewelry. Recycled yogurt containers! You just have to wash them and join them together with silicone.  There are no more excuses for not having the cabinet drawer slides in order!