Luxury Living Room Chair Set

Cozy Living Room Chair Set

Living room chair set and mirrors are the accessory par excellence to add light, create the illusion of more space and a feeling of luxury and brightness. Try to hang at least one large mirror over your sofa, your fireplace, or another large focal piece in your room. In the neutral room, a series of simple and large mirrors creates an elegant backdrop for white sofas. In addition, it gives the room a “jewel box” feels without being excessively bright.

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And if a large mirror and an ornate frame are out of your budget, do not worry! Group several smaller mirrors-as in the image-and you will have a similar effect for a fraction of the price. When it comes to works of art in the living room, the larger the canvas or framed art, the more luxurious the room will feel. Large works create an art gallery style, which makes your living room chair set space seem much more expensive than it really is.

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In this living room, a large canvas painted a deep emerald color and framed in a thin metal frame converts an ordinary living room into the main room. Although getting cheap art that seems expensive can be a big challenge, there are ways to get it. Search online sites where you can search by price, or even visit flea markets or local galleries to find your ideal living room chair set.

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