Making Chandelier Shades

Crystal Chandelier Lamp Shades

Chandelier shades add soothing light and elegance to all rooms, indoors or outdoors. Although most chandeliers have rounded arches covered by lamps, you do not need to adapt to traditional ones. This design works well in traditional decor and with eclectic or minimalist styles. They also offer light where there are no retained fixtures.


Select a location for your chandelier shades. They look charmingly overboard, kitchen islands and dangles from the porch ceilings. Measure the length of your wire planting basket. Each rectangle beyond it is a broad work for a linear chandelier. Mark your roof over two beams roof beams placed the length of your basket. For example, if your basket is 2 feet long, your dots must be 2 feet apart.

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Drill both dots with a 1/8 inch diameter drill. Find the flooring of knocking on the ceiling; the rules will make a solid dun, not a hollow sound. Twist a 1/4 inch diameter eye hook in each hole. Eyes hooks are thick, metal hooks are meant to hold heavy objects. Twist until the hook of each eye is level with the ceiling. Seat hooks in roof beams prevent the hooks from falling. Cut two pieces of chain with bull mills to about 2 1/2 times the length you want the chandelier shades to be from the ceiling. For example, if you want your chandelier to hang 3 meters from the ceiling, cut your chains 6 1/2 meters long.

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