Making Kitchen Tables For Small Spaces

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Kitchen tables for small spaces when you drink a cup of coffee and read the newspaper are something that many Americans do every morning. The table provides a common place for children “after school snacks, coupon cutting, crafts creation, spouse’s discussions and intimate family dinners. Because the kitchen table is so versatile in use, it should be a place where everyone who sees himself can be comfortable. Raising a kitchen table up a few inches from the floor is often a simple fix for increased comfort and usability.


Determine your kitchen tables for small spaces current height. Use a tape measure to measure the distance from the floor to the top of the table. Determine how much you want the table to be. Sit down in a chair next to the table and hold your arms comfortably in front of you as if you were resting on the table. Let someone measure the approximate distance from the arms to the desk. If the bottom part of the table hits the legs, have someone measure what would be a better table height. Determine the approximate distance from the leg to the position where you hold the table.

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Consider buying a piece of Plexiglas that matches the shape of your kitchen tables for small spaces. Cover the table with a tablecloth and nobody will know that it is there. Cutting Plexiglas is challenging work that risks lightening the glass and damaging you. Be sure to wear safety equipment including safety goggles. Measure the table first to determine how much Plexiglas will be needed. Use a table saw with a metal blade to cut according to your measurements.

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