Matching Exterior Light Fixtures

Inspiring Exterior Light Fixtures

Exterior light fixtures are an important aspect of your home style, appeal and security. Over the years, older inventory may have been replaced, resulting in a random mix of sizes and designs. As with a new layer of color or new windows, a uniform lighting presentation can quickly update and decorate the appearance of your house. Whether you replace a single fixture or all of them, you need to focus on a few key factors to find the best matches for your lighting system.


Imagine the style of your home. Select exterior light fixtures that exactly match the Arts and Crafts style of the house, or a complementary traditional design. Keep lighting streamlined and minimal for modern homes. Look for ornate fixtures that can compete with the rolled trim of a Victorian home. Match the color of fixtures, especially lighting on the same side of the house. If the door light is brass, all porch fixtures and lighting on an adjacent garage should be brass.

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This can be tricky when trying to match an existing luminaire with a patina or brushed finish that varies in shade from newer products. A slight variation does not matter if lighting is located far apart. For exterior light fixtures that are closer in the vicinity, consider replacing both fixtures with a matching set. Alternatively, find a style that fits the style of the existing paragraph and paint both fixtures to one of them. Select colors that complement the design of the home. Bronze, copper and iron finish work well with traditional homes. Blank brass and chrome fixtures match the stylish style of modern houses, but black and brightly painted colors also make a striking statement.

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