Mid Century Modern Floor Lamps Of Paper

1950s Floor Lamp

Mid Century Modern Floor Lamps – Paper lamps and chandeliers can be a fun, practical accent for the rooms. Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, the paper lamp is a traditional oriental decoration. That found in homes around the world. From the highly recognizable hanging lanterns and back to the screens of more contemporary paper lamps found in modern homes. Furthermore, the paper lamps and chandeliers are widely available, often inexpensive, home accent.

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Paper lanterns originated as part of early Chinese culture. And its uses for all kinds of festivals, from elaborate to mundane, for hundreds of years. An integral part of the spring and mid-autumn lantern festivals in China, paper lanterns are a symbol of hope and rejuvenation and help to sound on the station. From this, paper lanterns have found their way around the world but will remain a part of Chinese cultural identity.

In addition to the traditional Chinese paper lanterns, which are a popular element of decoration for any style room in many homes, paper lamps have become objects of the popular interior. Modern paper lamps include a variety of sizes and styles of the lamp, paper floor lamps for table lamps. Many paper lamps are derived from a paper-style rice curtain and are incredibly sturdy and elegant, while more sophisticated vellum paper lamp fixtures are popular in stylishly designed homes.

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