Mirror On The Ceiling Modernize Option

Mirror On The Ceiling Shower

Mirror On The Ceiling – An original idea to decorate and expand spaces, widely used in interior design since the beginning of time, is the use of mirrors on the ceiling. Either with different frames of apparently random shape, either in quarters or with continuous appearance. The truth is that they double the height of the room and visually expand it. The application of these decorative elements can really give a turn to the decoration of your house.

If you have a collection of small mirrors you can put them on the ceiling in a disorderly way as a collage, or as a modular way (according to your tastes). Mirror on the ceiling can be located anywhere in your home or business premises. But at the entrance, in particular, tend to be great. Other characteristic areas for the use of these mirrors are the dining rooms or corridors. If you plan to design a new space and have very narrow areas. Long corridors or just a room that you would like bigger. You can expand the roof of mirrors and give that feeling of spaciousness.

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You can even create a wall and the continuous mirror on the ceiling to get a double width and height. In commercial premises, the use of mirrors on the ceiling can be a great solution both to get more breadth and to provide a touch of design. Since this decorative resource gives a lot of game when designing with different shapes and sizes.

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