Modest Drawer Style Microwave In Kitchen

Choosing Drawer Style Microwave

Every day there is less space on our floors, but more items, necessary appliances: drawer style microwave, oven, blender, refrigerator, freezer, … that’s why it is not strange that the appliance companies are increasingly not only concerned with enhancing the technological characteristics of their products, but to make them more “reduced” or versatile, so that they adapt more to the floors of today.

The drawer style microwave that I bring to you today is from the Dacor brand and has the peculiarity of being installed inside a drawer, which allows us to save space on the countertop, very useful, especially for narrow kitchens where we can gain some space for the preparation of meals. It is also a careful model to the smallest detail, made in silver and black, small and with a glass door so you can see the content at all times.

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Although we admit that drawer style microwave is an essential part of any kitchen, let’s be honest: it is not a decorative enough furniture at all. This elegant kitchen dedicates a cupboard to keep this appliance out of sight. In addition, the space on the shelf below is ideal for preparing food before heating it. Check our gallery to inspire you!

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