Nice Zebra Wall Mural

Colorful Zebra Wall Mural

Decorative zebra wall mural can be apply directly to the walls with the use of templates. Purchase high quality templates to prevent bleeding between paint designs. Free-form templates are often use to create murals. Mix and match different looks and styles to develop your own mural. Images include wall patterns such as bricks, lattices, tissue basket and architectural elements. Add floral details such as vines and clusters of pots filled with flowers.

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Experiment with the placement of the templates to determine a design that works for the available space. If you decide to create an old-world zebra wall mural or a modern pattern mural, free form templates offer many options. Border templates can be use in a variety of ways in the design of a mural. Incorporate a border template into the mural and use it as a frame.

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Or paint a border area inside the mural to create division between the two different aspects of the design. For example, the border template can be use at the beginning a decorative wall in the design or as a backdrop for a painted window. For an original zebra wall mural, do not be afraid to choose the elements of a template that can manipulate another part of the design.