Option Cny Wall Decoration At Home

Cny Wall Decoration Types

Cny Wall Decoration – Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar and is an important event in China. Many people believe that their luck can be determine for next year base on their actions in the previous period and the Chinese New Year. If you want to ensure your good fortune, decorate your house with symbols of luck for this holiday. Cover the walls and tables with red. This color represents happiness and attracts luck.

In China, many celebrants paint their cny wall decoration and doors red. If you do not want to make a commitment, use red tapestries and red tablecloths instead. Add details in gold. This color, which adequately represents wealth, is believe to ensure good luck and prosperity. Use gold colored pillows on a sofa or place gold tone statues on the end tables. Purchase paper rolls, flags, lanterns or garlands with Chinese symbols for luck painted on them.

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These can be found online or in stores that sell party supplies. Or download images of these symbols and paint them yourself on white sheets of paper in red, gold or black ink. Hang these items on the walls. As for its design, New Year calendars to decorate cny wall decoration there are all types: from those that only count the days, to those that allow us to make notes, whether tasks, objectives or various things that happen to us every day.

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