Outdoor Floor Lamps For Patio Ideas

New Outdoor Floor Lamps For Patio

Outdoor floor lamps for patio with a crystal lantern brings back memories of the past. An attractive floor lamp is easy to install anywhere in your yard and does not require electricity. It is not necessary to be a master carpenter to build the floor lamp economically. Make several outdoor pole lamps for the edges of your patio or outdoor room for a warm evening glow. Cut two 10-inch squares from the 1-by-10-inch pine with a circular saw.

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Soften the edges of the squares using 120-grit sandpaper. Clean the square with a sticky rag. Measure 3 12-inch sections on the 48-inch wooden rod with a tape measure. Cut the four pieces using a circular saw. Sand the edges of the dowel rod with 120 grit sandpaper. Clean the bars using a sticky cloth. Place the 10-inch squares, the dowel bars, the 6-inch square and the doorknob on a flat surface covered in newspaper.

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Cover all parts with a wood primer. Let it dry completely. Measure and draw a 9-inch square on a piece of extra heavy paper. Cut the square. Center the paper square on top of one of the 10-inch wooden squares and trace it around. Place a drop of adhesive on the end of a wooden dowel. Place the pin up in a corner of the square drawn on the 10-inch wooden square.