Painting Angled Walls Sunset Themed

Painting Angled Walls Pattern

Painting angled walls – A dramatic, oily sunset washed the sky in red, pink, oranges and purple, creating a mood that is both calm and intoxicating. Take this mood in your home by painting a sunset mural over a wall.

Search the Internet, landscape painting angled walls photography magazines and custom photo collections. Choose a nice picture with some details; Excessive murals can look too busy and distract the eye. Cover the floor and furniture in the room with dust sheet and tape stores and fixtures with measurement tape. Prepare your wall. An uneven walled wall makes a bad cloth for a wall painting, so fill crevices and holes with joint, sand away flaking color and cover the whole surface with a layer of primer. Allow your work to dry before proceeding.

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Select a background color. For painting angled walls, choose a yellow or orange background color. Measure your wall from floor to ceiling. Mark a point 1/3 of the way to the ceiling from the floor with a pencil. This is your horizontal line. Draw a horizontal pencil across the wall of the brand you just did. Use a long level to keep the line straight. Apply a line of color across the pencil line but be less accurate. You want the line to be straight but slightly blurred because the horizon is in the distance. Use a darker color from your chosen shades, as the horizon should be slightly darker than the ground or the water below it. Rough up an excessively sharp horizontal line with a dry brush.

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