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Paper Lantern Innovative

Paper Lantern – Asian crafts have become popular again today, especially in the field of interior design. Japanese paper lanterns, in particular, give a zen feel to the home thanks to the clean appearance of rice paper and the soft glow of dim light. Lanterns made with construction paper are ideal for outdoor parties, as well as to improve mood. Get the materials you will need. The most important material you will need is a flexible metal wire, which is usually sold in craft stores, as well as in hardware stores. Find a mold for the paper lantern. If you are not very experienced in creating wire structures, you will need a guide. For example, if you want to make a rounded flashlight, look for a ball, a bowl, a vase, a can, etc. that have the ideal size. Use the wire to wrap the mold. First, wrap the wire around the base of the mold and continue spiraling until you reach the top. Keep in mind that the length of wire you need depends on the size of the paper lantern and the tightness of the spirals. Remove the wire structure from the mold. Keep in mind that you will need to modify the size and reshape the structure, as it can expand a little when removed from the mold. It uses wire to fix each opening of the structure.

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