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Tasty Lantern Pendant Light

Lantern pendant light – Pendant lights have become very popular recently. From kitchen islands, restaurants and museum bars, pendants are seen everywhere today, perhaps more than any other type of lighting. Simplicity of one, the light facing down, depending on a single rope, chain or rod, is very attractive and attractive. Bright and multi-colored glass designs are often used, bringing color points to unwanted spaces or spaces. And many styles are available, including mini pendants, pendant bowls, lantern pendants, drum pendants, and multi-light pendants. The mini pendant is usually less than 10 inches wide, with the light facing down. Very often designed with a modern look and style, using bright colors.

This mini outlet is suitable for use on kitchen tables, bars, dining tables and other small sitting areas. Often, several single mini lantern pendant light are suspended in 2-5 or more series. This is a very common sight in modern restaurants and bars. Bowl hangers are often hung as bouncing rooms, and can be used as a substitute for hanging lamps in the kitchen and dining area, entrance, and so on. Bowl pendant lights are usually softer than other types of pendants, because light is scattered in many larger glass bowls. And because the bowl is open at the top of the equipment, it gives the lamp up and down. For the same reason, the pendant bowl must always hang higher than the eye level so as not to look straight up. They are not recommended for areas near stairs and balconies because of this.

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Drum lantern pendant light becomes a new style that is popular too. They are widely used in modern homes and contemporary business settings. Drum Pendants are short cylinder “drums”, usually coated with cloth or metal, covered at the bottom and top, and hung from a stem or rope. Various light pendants are usually only one mini individual pendant string, hung together from one mountain. They are most suitable for use on coffee tables, pool tables, kitchen islands and wet bars. Finally, lantern lanterns are usually used at every entrance or entrance. Consisting of glass panels arranged in a metal frame, these “lights” usually depend on the chain and may match the outside lights placed outside the entrance. Pendant lighting can update the look and feel of the space that is currently modernized. With so many styles, types and finishes available, you can easily find suitable partners for your room!

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