Photo Paris Wall Mural

Beauty Paris Wall Mural

Paris wall mural – I’ve talked a little bit with the client for a few days. He has a great wall and knows exactly what the photo mural he wants for him. The Gargoyle of Notre Dame faces the beautiful Paris on a foggy morning. The subject we discussed at last was the placement on the wall. He thought of using a smaller image size. Covering all the walls were not in the budget. He finally decided that just because a photo wall came as big as he wants, it doesn’t mean he has to cover the whole wall! The Great Wall, this client eventually decided to order the pictures of mural painting from him to adjust the height of the walls, but not the width.

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I have had the same experience: a huge Paris wall mural photo and substantially smaller. I played around with positioning and placement until I’m happy. The room is still transformed into a Mediterranean villa (it’s a mural photo of my choice), and now I have the wall space on both sides of my mural. I won’t cover part of my wall murals. It ends up being important to the function of my room, like furniture and plants that move around occasionally. It’s pretty standard for measuring everything on the walls and then ordering your murals at the right size. Sometimes covering the entire wall is exactly what you want for your space. The result is always a transformation of the entire room. But remember that the covers part of the wall can be visually effective, too.

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Another important issue that both deals with this debate are the cost. As a consumer, when you trim your photo Paris wall mural from a few feet, it’s a good money to be saved. You can be very creative and artistic murals with the placement of your photos. Each person has his or her own unique style of decoration and should be reflected in one’s living space. There are no hard and fast rules on wall mural placement, as far as I’m concerned. If not, go ahead and break them and do what your heart tells you! Which you choose to hang your photo mural is your own creative decisions at the end.