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Plaster Ceiling Design – Drywall is the material that is use to texture and decorate ceilings and walls. Also known as sheet rock in commerce, drywall comes in several levels of thickness and finishes that provide the structure and increases the visual appeal in a room. The creation of different designs in drywall requires slightly different application methods. Some popular designs include popcorn, spin and skim.

Apply 1 layer of drywall popcorn with a hopper gun, which is often available for rent at hardware stores. Wait until the layer of popcorn dries then apply an additional layer. Mix glitter in the plaster ceiling design mix on the gun to get a deco look. The popcorn design of drywall was popularized in the 1970s and can still be seen in new construction today. Ask the employee of the rental store for a gun hopper demonstration, although they are fairly easy to use.

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Use a palette to create a “swirl” drywall design. A palette is a flat blade attach to a handle resembling a spatula. Soften the joint compound on the ceiling in a swirling motion. Create a “skim coat” by applying a very thin layer of joint compound. Spread the compound evenly with a trowel over the entire roof to achieve a plaster ceiling design look. Push the paint bristles up and pull away from the ceiling to create a skim finish.

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