Popular Brass Crystal Chandelier

Antique Brass Crystal Chandelier

Although chandeliers are manufactured using a variety of materials today, the brass crystal chandelier is a popular choice when selecting lighting fixtures for your home. While there are high end chandeliers comprised almost completely of crystals, much of the time the frame is constructed of a different type of material and then crystals are hung from the branches that extend out over the frame. Unless you want to spend thousands of dollars on a crystal chandelier then you may want to consider one that uses brass for the frame.

A brass crystal chandelier is an affordable option in ceiling lighting and it offers many options as well. Brass does not tarnish easily and so it is a perfect material to be used in decorative applications. Brass may crack if exposed to ammonia, though, so it is important to never use any products containing ammonia to clean your chandeliers. In addition, ammonia degrades crystals so it is best to only use a mild detergent to clean any part of your chandeliers.

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There are a variety of finishes that can completely change the look of your brass crystal chandelier. For example, an antique finish provides an entirely different look than a highly polished brass finish. You can also choose whether to lightly or heavily accent the brass frame with crystals. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can also add small lamp shades if the sockets support them. A brass chandelier is one of the most flexible lighting fixtures you will find. Depending on the design, this type of fixture can go in a hunting lodge and it can also be appropriate for any room in your home. That’s because there is a wide array of design differences when you combine brass with crystals.

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