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One of the options that we proposes to place the samsung microwave drawer is the auxiliary furniture type low dispenser , which allows us to find a fixed piece of furniture on the floor (can be moved but with more difficulty than with wheels) and that can be used perfectly as pantry and, in the upper area, place the microwave. Of course, you will also have a wide range of shelves of different sizes and materials that will allow you to place the microwave.

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A samsung microwave drawer cabinet higher than before that combines a two-door cupboard with a fairly large drawer, and the space for the microwave. In addition, the top part also serves to place objects. The model is white combined with oak color. Measures 60 cm wide, 106 cm high and 40 cm deep.

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High but narrow samsung microwave drawer cabinet , 45.7 cm wide, 92 cm high and 63 cm deep. It is very discreet, if you did not see it with the microwave it could be an auxiliary piece of furniture for any corner of the house. It goes with a two-door wardrobe, a fairly large estate and the base for the microwave, it also goes with wheels.