Popular Superman Wall Decal

Big Superman Wall Decal

Not all surfaces are suitable for the placement of superman wall decal. In general, the support should be smooth and hard, not rough, and be very clean, with no dust and grease. You can stick on walls, glass, appliances, furniture and even on wallpaper. But any of these surfaces must meet the above conditions. On the gotelé it is also possible to adhere the decorative vinyls. Only in case that base on painting on several layers the “drop” has practically disappeared.

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Even so, the results can be somewhat disappointing. In any case, it is best to wait a week before gluing a decorative superman wall decal on a freshly paint surface. The wall decal can come smooth in a merchandising support made of cardboard support and plastic bag or tubing in the form of a roll.

In any case, the placement is usually very simple following the manufacturer’s instructions. Which often includes a kind of scraper to stick the superman wall decal to the wall without problems. The most common problem is usually the appearance of bubbles. Once they are glue to the wall and equal their temperature with that of the wall. The bubbles usually disappear on their own (after 2 or 3 days). If not, they can always be punctured with a pin.

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