Practical Ikea Platform Bed With Drawers

Ikea Platform Bed With Drawers Black

Practical beds where not only rest, also have an extra space to store things. They take the functional furniture that makes your life easier. IKEA platform bed with drawers is common in juvenile bedrooms but you can also use them in different rooms. The functional furniture is what offers us various functions such as sofas that in turn are beds, tables that are extended or beds with drawers.

It takes advantage of part of down of the somier to have one or several drawers.  Theikea platform bed with drawers without handles conceal so much the drawers that sometimes it is not distinguished that they are. An option if you like to have drawers but without being perceived. We give you ideas of beds with drawers for adults and also for the smallest ones.

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The bed goes on a large futon style base with lateral drawers. The detail is that the ikea platform bed with drawers is of grid that let see their content. What gives it a modern and carefree look? Look at the detail that the base is wider than the mattress. If you are looking to create a Zen style, the canapé or base a bit bigger as in the photograph will help you achieve that Japanese style decoration.

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