Pretty Clear Drawer Organizer Makeup

Acrylic Clear Drawer Organizer

For a modern woman, it is difficult to imagine her life without cosmetics. There are often so many that dilemma exists: how to store them all in a compact and comfortable way? To store cosmetics, a clear drawer organizer is just what you need. Its compact construction allows storing a sufficient amount of cosmetics. You can organize it according to types: lipsticks, blushes, shadows, mascara, and brushes. This way you can always get what you need from organizer at moment.

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Special dividers for clear drawer organizer can instantly arrange your cosmetics, which will make it easier for you to find item you need. You can go even further and separate your drawer in several sections according to type of cosmetics (shadows, lipsticks, blushes, etc.). Any long cosmetic, for example, lip gloss, lipstick, pencils and even hair straightened, can be stored in cutlery organizer. You can hide it in a drawer or in bureau of your bedroom; important thing is that it is same size.

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In stores on Internet you can find several clear drawer organizer to store cosmetics in magnets. And if you try a bit, you can make a table on your own. Simply cover a sheet of metal with fabric and decorate construction with a frame; then hang it on wall. Glue small magnets to bottom or your cosmetics and adhere them to table.

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