Quite Advantage Of Low Ceiling Kitchen

How To Handle Low Ceiling Kitchen

In an ideal world we all have huge, spacious houses with lots of light and, of course, very high ceilings. But the reality is that many times (most, and in new buildings more and more) is not like that. And this has its limitations. But sometimes a low ceiling kitchen can be quite an advantage. And that the space under it has much more charm than you thought. It is to enhance or use simple tricks to hide it, as the case may be.

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Storing in height in very high spaces does not end up working in most occasions. The feeling that the disposition “falls on top” greatly limits this use, on the other hand so necessary at times. If the lack of height is linked to the lack of space (unfortunately, it is usually so), you can take advantage of the situation and use the wall as storage. Putting shelves in this low ceiling kitchen can be a great solution and you will have everything at hand!

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Even in kitchens, the ability to raise the cabinet to low ceiling kitchen is perfect for not having that usual hole-trap-dust with high ceilings when storage does not reach the top. This is evident, but sometimes we do not think about it. If the furniture is low and we maintain the “visual weight” in the lower part of the room. Even if the ceiling is not too high we will trick the eye and it will look like a much wider space.