Rectangular Chandelier Dining Room Decoration

Rectangular Chandelier Iron

Rectangular Chandelier – The sight is almost as important at the time of eating as is the taste or smell. That’s why good lighting in our dining table is essential. The ideal is to be able to eat with natural light,  that is why it is necessary to look for the maximum use of sunlight. But we do not always have the possibility to place the table near a window or to always eat during sunny hours, that’s why you have to look for artificial alternatives that create a warm and welcoming effect.

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One of these alternatives is the rectangular chandelier placed right on the dining table. These ceiling lamps not only project light on the most important part of the dining room, the table, but with them, we also get a dim general light throughout the room. Three steel cables hold this rectangular lamp with a certain rustic air. The screen that covers the lamp focuses a very warm light towards the tabletop.

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In this dining room, which reminds us of a wooden cabin in the middle of the forest, this rectangular chandelier invites you to sit around the table, throw a game of cards and among friends. Take the dimensions of the piece in feet and make a calculation to know a suitable diameter of the lamp, ex: the piece measures 10 x 14 feet, add 10 + 14 and get 24 inches as the diameter of good proportion for the piece.

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