Repair Grasshopper Lamps

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Instead of throwing out the grasshopper lamps that has so diligently lit your life over the years, fix it. A few parts, a new set of wire and over the positive assessment of the effort of an hour is all that is needed to save your grasshopper lamps from the dumpster.

How to repair a floor grasshopper lamps, visit your local hardware store and buy a 4-piece plug (which includes a plug, a switch, a hat and a shell) and a polarized-molded plug with attached lamp cord. Unplug the lamp. Remove the lamp shade and loosen the cap screw where it attaches to the lamp tube. Once the cable is exposed, cut with wire dams. Pull the rest of the lamp cable through the bottom.

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And then for repair a floor grasshopper lamps, feed a rope or piece of wire down the lamp. Tie the new wire to this snake and pull the wire up from the base of the lamp until it is about 8 inches protruding from the lamp tube. Replace to replace the cover of the new take on his new wire. Screw the cap onto the lamp tube with the screw defined in the cap. Separate the cable by pulling the two strands apart by approximately 6 inches.

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