Repairing Touch Mid Century Modern Table Lamps

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Mid Century Modern Table Lamps – Touch the table lamps are quite a convenience. You can turn them off and simply reach and touch any piece of metal in the lamp. A common occurrence with a touch table lamp is that it simply can not continue to function as a touch lamp. This is not so bad if it breaks while it is still in the on position. Do not despair, the lamp is not a total loss repair it by replacing the touch of attenuator control.

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The touch control regulator is a black or white box connected to a series of cables that include a black cable, a white cable, a red wire, and a yellow or gray wire. It is connecting to the lamp through cable connectors and a ring terminal connected by a nut. Remove the light bulb, lamp shade, and harp from the touch danish modern table lamp. Squeeze the two sides of the harp towards the socket of the bulb. Allowing you to lift the harp up and out of the base of the harp lamp.

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Move your touch table lamp from a sturdy work surface or table. Remove the lower part of the lamp from the base of the mid century lamp shades to access the wiring and the touch regulator control. Depending on the manufacturer, the bottom of the lamp can be connected in a number of ways. It can be glue on, screwed or fired. If it sticks, carefully peel the bottom off.