Rules For Hanging Iron Chandelier

Wrought Iron Chandelier With Crystals

Hanging an iron chandelier in your home can add class to the look of your dining room, port room, staircase, or any other area of ​​your home. While there are no rules for hanging a chandelier in a private home, following simple guidelines and best practice, you can hang the lamp safely and securely in a way you can enjoy in the coming years.

Preparation for hanging iron chandelier, chandeliers is generally heavy, often more than standard ceiling fixtures. Because of this, make sure the weight of the chandelier is securely supported while installing it. You will also want to avoid trying to climb up and down a ladder with it in your hands as the weight can throw you out of balance. For standard 8-foot ceilings that allow you to use a regular A-frame ladder, a partner has to keep the chandelier and necessary tools using a separate ladder for hand pieces for you if they cannot be handed up from the floor Never allow a helper to climb the ladder with you unless you use a ladder specially designed for two-person use.

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For higher ceilings, use a scaffold or lift that is big enough for you to safely set the iron chandelier and all other parts onto the platform with you. For additional safety, tie the chandelier to the elevator with a medium-weight cotton line, so it will not accidentally be thrown out while you work. Make sure nobody is standing under you while you work.

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