Rustic Wood Chandelier Ideas

Beautiful Rustic Wood Chandelier

Rustic Wood Chandelier – Wood a material environmentally friendly, simple it is processed and used for a long time in everyday life. Original decorated rustic wood chandelier is characterized by incredible shapes and unique features. For its production, all parts are used from roots to thin branches. The natural tree in the design is primarily associated with the past. Therefore, luminaires of such material often have an antique look. Rustic wood chandeliers made in antiquity can be the shape of a rough deck, driftwood, hanging on chains, a solid cross from stockings with sliding elements, complemented with many lamps with incandescent lamps. Rustic wood chandeliers in the form of a wheel on wheels are popular. It hangs from the roof of ropes or chains, the lamp lamps are mounted above.

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Air wood carved chandeliers can be obtained from the veneer in which the figured holes are made. The material easily adopts a spiral or conical shape. Rustic wood chandelier in the Provence style, often painted in white, classic or country in a dark it is ideal for giving or a modern living room where you want to create a cozy countryside style. When you create the Japanese, oriental-style chandeliers are indispensable they are characterized by details of a square or rectangular shape made of natural materials.

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Rustic wood chandelier can be chosen for a specific interior large or coarse, elegant and carved, round or polygonal, with shades, lampshades, a variety of light bulbs. Suspended or ceiling versions of lamps are entirely made of wood or supplemented with elements of graceful throwing, mirrors, frosted glass, fabric. The tree naturally entails the inhalation of living nature into the room. Rustic wood chandeliers are seen successfully in the countryside as well as in a modern apartment.