Semi Gloss Ceiling Paint Ideas

Design Semi Gloss Ceiling Paint

Semi gloss ceiling paint – Virtually all ceiling can be painted and with painted ceiling you can quickly vary, you can vary the color of your choice, and the shine. The same color can be perceived as completely different depending on the color of the glass. A milder color causes the color to be calmer than a color with higher gloss. Most often, a color with higher glass is more durable and easier to wipe, but now more and more matte colors have come, which are also very durable.

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Preparations for the semi gloss ceiling paint itself and underwork make the foundation for a successful final result. Inadequate foundation work can give an uneven surface. To get a perfect end result, you must count on 80 percent of the time to create a good foundation for the final painting. Wash previously painted surfaces with target wash. Refill all holes and unevenness, among other things, two flakes may be needed. Then sand out with fine sandpaper. Count on slip dust that penetrates everywhere.

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Replace doors that do not need to be used. After grinding brush or vacuum the semi gloss ceiling paint. Finally wipe the cloth with a damp cloth. Protect the floor and anything else you should not paint carefully with paper and masking tape. Turn off the power to the sockets you may need to screw away, tape over them before painting.