Shadow Box Coffee Table Modern Ideas

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Shadow Box Coffee Table – A glass top coffee table is combined with a shadow box to create a decorative and functional display piece for your space. The table is essentially a rectangular wooden box with an open top that is covered with a sheet of glass. The shadow box screen more than life is ideal for sculptures, works of art or antiques. The table measures 24 by 36 inches and 18 inches high but can be modified to fit your space.

Select a high quality, furniture-plywood for the shadow box coffee table, such as maple, birch or cherry. Adjust the table saw to cut at a 45-degree angle. Move the fence on the saw table that cuts only the edge of the corner of a thick 3/4-inch plywood panel. The lock fence in place. Saw an angle of 45 degrees at the edges width of 18 inches of the four panels of plywood. The 45-degree angles should cut the same side of each panel so that the two ends of 3/4-by-18-by-24 inches and the two sides of 3/4-by-18-by-36 inches fit like an ideas frame to form a rectangular box.

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Put the panels on the shadow box coffee table of the saw, one at a time and guide through the saw with the edges of 18 inches flush against the table saw near to complete each cut. Hammer nails for finishing although the sides at the ends at each corner junction. Nails approximately every 3 inches of space.

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