Simple And Cozy Character 3 Piece Living Room Set

3 Piece Living Room Set Black

With high or low backrest, soft or hard, two seats or four, with chaise longue or without it … Choosing a sofa is one of the most complicated tasks among those we face when we decide to furnish or renovate a living room. It is undoubtedly the great protagonist and key piece for our moments of meeting, leisure and rest. 3 piece living room set that combine simplicity and elegance with a composition that advocates comfort, craftsmanship and the will to endure.

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With them we also take the opportunity to review several different models that make up the signature catalog, very varied and that will allow each of us to find the inspiration you need to choose 3 piece living room set of your dreams. it’s simple and cozy character coexists with a remarkable ability to adapt to different spaces and a design that dives into Nordic minimalism, without neglecting details such as those of its seams, whose contrast of fabrics is the result of the combination of fabrics from different colors.

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This 3 piece living room set is inspired by the clouds, due to its fluffy and fluffy shapes that guarantee maximum comfort for the user. A great advantage is the removable upholstery that facilitates the cleaning of this model and also its versatility, as it includes corner modules, chaise longue and separate poufs that allow you to adapt multiple ways to different spaces.