Simple And Discreet Solution Ikea Malm Bed Drawers

Ikea Malm Bed Drawers Black

Are you looking for bedroom furniture with a simple and functional design? Welcome to our ikea malm bed drawers series. It is full of practical ideas, such as storage under the bed and a dresser that can also be used as a nightstand. You can choose between different finishes of wood veneer, so you can find your favorite piece of furniture.

A bed with drawers underneath is always the most practical, because who else and who least has things to store, from blankets, pillows or clothes from the previous season. The ikea malm bed drawersare a simple and discreet solution for any bedroom, as you can see in this example, where the model was chosen in white. It combines practically with any style and with any bedding. Versatile, simple and beautiful

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The ikea malm bed drawers exists in several versions, and in this juvenile room you can see in the narrow and high version, a model that adapts easily to any narrow space you have in your room. Ideal to store some clothes, accessories such as jewelry, makeup, belts, ties … It is versatile and easy to fit in any environment of the house that we want, so that gives us a clue as to why it is one of the best-selling chests of the Ikea store. Simple but very functional!

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