Simple Console Table Decor

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Console table decor – Make your table looks like you spent hours designing the layout. The simplest hand can add the most elegant look to the table. Use items you find in your wind or buy cheap from a grocery store. Correct placement of some important points can turn the table into a masterpiece. Incorporate different shades of pink, red and orange. Add one or two lilies. Use this fragrant middle of an outdoor party or on a dinner table.

Show items around the house, all of the same color. A white runner your grandmother’s work provides an attractive background for a collection of white milk glasses and bowls. Fill vases and bowls with fresh white flowers from the garden or lilies from a floral department. Wrap cutlery in white linen napkins and secure with a white ribbon and bow. Place the cutlery directly on the plates, preferably white. This console table decor idea will look as if you spent hours planning it, when all you have to do is choose the matching colors.

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Elegant hand

Duke as you usually do for dinner, but instead of folding napkins and placing them next to the plates, fold them and place them in water beakers. Place a single flower between the glass and the tie. Chrysanthemums and daisies are edible flowers and work best for this interior design idea. Next to each glass, place a small bud of water with water so that guests can put their flowers in them. These also make sweet party. Stack old hat squares in the middle of the console table decor and wrap the bar with a single ribbon, tie a bow on top.

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