Simple Diy Teak Dining Table

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Teak Dining Table – The dining table is one of the key pieces in our house. But there is one that we had pending: the table with sleepers. A solid and consistent piece that will hold without problems everything that is thrown at it never better said. We start by cutting the sleepers to the desired size. Then we make some holes through the 4 pieces.

We start with a shovel drill. We continue with the long drill that will pass from side to side. We now prepare the structure of the legs by cutting the teak dining table strips. We mount them so that we will have two U-shaped legs and a crossbar that joins them. We join them together with their corresponding screws. Next, with a grinding disc, we structure all the wooden pieces, lowering the edges and imitating the appearance of an old beam.

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We changed the grinding wheel with another one of finer plates with which we finished the work. To leave the surfaces with a good finish apply teak varnish and we help for this a pallet. Now assemble the entire teak dining table, first create the countertop joining the 4 sleepers with two threaded rods. At the ends, we fix them with washers and blind nuts. In addition, we will cut the excess of the rods.

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