Simple Idea Of Having High Ceiling Kitchen

Cool High Ceiling Kitchen

If you are about to occupy a house built with a high ceiling kitchen. Or if you want to have a kitchen like this in your new home. Take into account these simple tips at the moment so that your space is use to the maximum without neglecting the good design. The first recommendation is that – no matter how tempting the idea of ​​having very high furniture. The ideal is that they do not reach the ceiling. Since they will be very difficult to reach. And will be impractical and lacking in ergonomics in daily use.

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A tip for interior high ceiling kitchen is to place cupboards in a horizontal line on the perimeter of the wall. This will make the environment more spacious and proportionate. If the roof is very high but the area is small, choose between the lockers that Module offers. Because they will allow you to have everything at hand to take advantage of the free height and allow more space around.

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To give light to the high ceiling kitchen, consider cabinets with glass fronts. Like those of Vetro- that can be illuminate from the inside. And thereby make a visual cut at a certain height. Another good idea is to choose your Module furniture in horizontal vein finishes. It helps to make the space visually less high.