Simple Yet Pretty Rustic Kitchen Canister Sets


I do not know if it happens to you, but I never have enough cooking pots to store ingredients, nor cans for many cookie cutters I have … So I spent part of weekend changing look to an old tin that was full of cutters and turning a few cans of olives into some rustic kitchen canister sets. I like to “tune” things with spray. This time I also used spray to decorate can and cans. It’s so fast that I’m not too lazy to go to work.

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I used a spray, bought in specialized stores, but they can buy any brand. Of course, please do not buy one too cheap because results are not comparable, and in reality you save very little. To transform an old rustic kitchen canister sets; first I put it in a cardboard box so as not to stain everything when using spray. And, when it is very dry, I decorate box with simple drawings: I use a chalk marker and, as a template, a cookie cutter.

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For boats, I painted black caps and with painter’s tape I made some black rectangles to create “slate” labels. So I can put names with chalk and erase them when I want to change ingredient I want to keep in it. As you can see, it cannot be easier to renew look of kitchen and create very practical rustic kitchen canister sets to store ingredients.


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