Simple Yet Trend Mid Century Dining Set

Lena Mid Century Dining Set

The mid century dining set is a style that combines various elements to evoke the decorative trends of the mid-twentieth century. It is important to bear in mind that the decades of 40, 50 and 60 were decisive when laying the foundations of modern design with a special emphasis on interior decoration. The Mid Century modern style is committed to the use of furniture created from a basic geometry, simple lines without much ornamentation where it is of vital importance to preserve the natural colors of the materials.

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One of the distinctive elements of the time was the use of furniture with turned legs. This style is highlighted by the use of furniture made of natural wood, since the motto of the time was to create furniture that will last a lifetime. The mid century dining set trend rescues the use of this type of furniture and rejects imitations. Wood is so valued in this style that you can decide to apply wood veneers to the walls to give a more sophisticated touch to your decor.

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One of the most revolutionary ideas implanted by this mid century dining set style is the breaking of the boundaries between rooms. From the mid-twentieth century the slogan was to create spaces with multiple functions such as a living-dining room or a kitchen with the dining room integrated in the same space.