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Jun 28th
Metal Farmhouse Chandelier

Farmhouse chandelier – Choosing an appropriate size chandelier depends on its location, the size of the room, the height of the ceiling, and whether it hangs over a table. There are some quick calculations you can perform and guidelines you can follow to ensure that the chandelier size you choose will fit into your space. Always take measurements before choosing a chandelier. An excessive chandelier poses a danger that people can easily bump their heads if it hangs too low in a room or stretches beyond the edge of a dining table.

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Measuring the length and width of your room your farmhouse chandelier will be hanging in and write down these dimensions. If your chandelier will hang over a table, measure the length and width or diameter of the table and write down these dimensions. Measure the height from floor to ceiling and write it down. If your chandelier will hang over a dining table, measure the height from the top of the table to the ceiling and write it down.

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Evaluate your height measurements. If the height from the ceiling to the ceiling is less than 84 inches, you do not have a high enough ceiling to hang a chandelier. If the height measures more than 84 inches, pull 84 inches from your ceiling height measurement in inches and this will give you the maximum height your farmhouse chandelier may be.

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