Slanted Ceiling Bathroom: Warm And Cozy Feeling!

Slanted Ceiling Bathroom Design

Intimacy, comfort, romanticism: slanted ceiling bathroom transmit a warm and cozy feeling, although they are also a challenge when planning bathroom. Discover how to get most out of them with right concept. Despite comfort, it cannot be denied that attic bathrooms have a fundamental problem: they require intelligent design solutions to make most of space. It is important to ensure that there is a height of at least two meters in toilet, wash basin and shower areas. Otherwise comfort will be impair and risk of user hitting head will be increase.

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Is your roof only slightly tilted? In this slanted ceiling bathroom. It is even possible to place toilet or sink under tilt. An ideal place to install bathtub is under sloping roof. Since it does not need space up, except to enter and exit. Angled bathtubs and rounded models are a good choice to place under tilt. Pure romanticism: large windows on roof contribute to create a dreamlike atmosphere under a starry sky.

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Do not want to do without shower? It does not have to A comfortable shower can also be install in slanted ceiling bathroom. Place custom shower under tilt and you will be surprise how comfortable it can be. To add a touch of luxury, add a sauna or custom infrared cabin under sloping roof. So that space can continue to be use to fullest.