Small Antler Chandelier Is A Great Decorative Idea For Home

Feb 27th
White Small Antler Chandelier
White Small Antler Chandelier

A small antler chandelier is a light fixture made to be hung from the ceiling. They are made from antlers of animals like deer, elks, moose, caribous or any animal that grows antlers. They are well sought after because, much like crystal chandeliers, they have distinct look and feels which make them very attractive. Also, they tend to be big because they traditionally consist of multiple sets of antlers organized to create unique patterns.

Persons purchasing a small antler chandelier have two options; real antlers and replicas. Ideally, authentic ones are collected in the wild after they are naturally shed. These can be heavy, will vary in size based on the animal it comes from, its gender as well as its age, and is usually more expensive. Replicas! Can be made from different materials, are much lighter, and far less costly than originals. Polyester blends used to be widely utilized commercially, but polyurethane blends are now more popular because they are considered to be more durable.

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A small antler chandelier is usually seen as a great decorative idea for home. Also, those made from replicas are often light enough to be used within the home without fear of structural damages. Reasons can vary, with some persons using them to create or complement a theme (a hunters lodge for instance), while some simply like the uniqueness. Hunters may choose to make trophies from their kills, and a small antler chandelier is a practical option when being used at home.

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